I've just posted a question, and deleted it after a little while, when I noticed that the answer was likely "bad information was written on Wikipedia".

However I'm not sure it really was as bad as it seems now, maybe someone more knowledgable than me would find something else instead.

So, I'm asking you: in this site would you prefer to have one question, whose answer might likely be "Wikipedia was wrong, ignore it", or not?

  • Please refrain from this language. – Affable Geek Dec 10 '14 at 14:10

If a question is based off a piece of faulty information, that's not actually a problem if the answers can identify that the information is faulty and can correct you on it.

So long as you're making a good faith attempt to look for a specific piece of knowledge, and you can communicate your needs well enough for people to answer your question, (and it's not a duplicate or off topic) then your question is just fine.

If the answer indeed is just that Wikipedia is wrong, then that's fine. In fact, it's a very helpful question, because you can expect other people who have read that exact same Wikipedia to come along the question, and learn that the information is not actually true.

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