I have previously asked:

How do we feel about "General Reference" questions that are somewhat answered on Wikipedia?

The answers and comments to that question basically boiled down to two major points:

  1. Asking a question that is answered (rightly or wrongly) on Wikipedia that can be answered by copy/paste from Wikipedia is a bad idea (too trivial, not enough research).

  2. However, claiming that "this shouldn't be asked because Wikipedia has an answer - even if you indicate you already read the Wiki article - runs into a problem of Wikipedia being notoriously opinionated and subjective on politics related topics.

    My pwn personal pet example is "There is general consensus is that the right includes... nazis" quote - except that consensus only exists among people who generally don't identify themselves as "right". Surprise!

As such, do we welcome questions of the form:

I have read XYZ Wiki article, and upon reading it, I was not convinced that the following paragraph is correct (or properly referenced, or logically consistent with references, or simply unclear, pick one): {{include paragraph}}
Can some light be shed on that detail, and the seeming problem or unclear wording in the Wiki article?

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I don't see any problem with questions of the type you suggest. Probably a good idea to give a brief explanation of the perceived problems in the quoted text, rather than simply an assertion of them, but perhaps that's implied and I'm just being over-picky.


Wikipedia being notoriously opinionated and subjective on politics related topics

not exactly true. That's easy to assume considering the nature of Wikipedia where all people are allowed to edit a page, but If you read a political Wikipedia article, and then venture outside of Wikipedia to read articles elsewhere, you will likely find that the Wikipedia article is the most unbiased of your findings.

but on topic, Even if there's a good Wikipedia article out there which addresses a particular question, It is very likely to be a lot broader and longer than a good answer, which should be more concise and to the point(and perhaps more detailed too). Wikipedia is a great resource, but It isn't a Q&A site.

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