This question was originally tagged with the tag. However, it was subsequently removed. This question deals directly with the distinction between state and federal power and the answer hinges upon the interaction of Article I and the 10th Amendment. I also feel that people interested in the topic of this question are likely looking for information as part of a broader federalism debate and is most likely to be found that way.

What was inappropriate about this tag on this question?

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I added that tag precisely because the root of that question was whether this was a federal or state power. I don't know why it was removed, but I agree - it shouldn't have been!


I removed the tag because the question was not about the subject of federalism. The principles of federalism are only obliquely related to the crux of the question itself. Tags are not supposed to be a listing of keywords mentioned in the question. It's supposed to describe what the question itself is about.

I could just as easily (incorrectly) tag that question [powers], [congress], [tradition], [money], [funding], or [supreme-court]… but that question is not about those subjects, so that would be incorrect.

Removing that tag was the correct action for this question.

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