Can I see who downvotes my questions/answers? Sorry if noob question...

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No, you cannot. Votes (up or down) are anonymous.

Reference: Is there a way to see who voted on your posts?


Adding to @zaq's great answer, you seem to have received only three downvotes so far and two of them were cast even before you gained any reputation to lose.

I know it's annoying and you want to know who downvoted your post, but nobody, including a moderator, has an access to this information unless they investigate a serial downvoting.

If you suspect a user is serially downvoting your posts, you can flag one of your own answers for in need of moderator intervention and ask for investigation. I wouldn't mind getting a few downvotes per day, though.

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  • Thanks. It's was not about serially downvoting, I just thought the downvotes were a lil bit ilogical. :) Peace. Dec 6, 2016 at 2:50

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