A question of mine was recently migrated from the Christianity SE, and I joined Politics to be able to fully follow it. In the migration, it lost its tags. (You guys don't seem to discuss [non-denominationalism]. 😉 ) Since the question involves government agencies, I thought [bureaucracy] would be a good fit, but it does not exist. What would be a good substitute? I ended up with [united-states] [religion], which were not bad, but I still would have liked to bring in the governmental aspect.


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I would suggest to name the tag because it is the academic name for the science of bureaucracy.

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    Thank you for making and applying the tag, Philipp. I agree with [public-administration] as the primary name, but I suggest [bureaucracy] be added as a synonym. When I was searching the tags, the former is not a name I thought to find, and with 13 pages to search thru it is not necessarily something one's eyes would catch.
    – RichF
    Feb 12 '17 at 12:29

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