The tag has been used for both the US 2016 presidential election and the 2017 French presidential election. I find this not only ambiguous, but worse still, I find it confusing, because you'd expect "presidential election" to refer to only one specific presidential election.

Do elections for a president in one country have much in common with elections for a president in another country, beyond what two elections in any two countries of any flavour, presidential or non-presidential, would have?

I'd rather have a tag for a specific position (eg "us-presidential-election"), or abandon it and only use "specific-elections".


The way I've always used it is to combine it with another tag: and or (or any other country).

I'm not sure if splitting it all out in , , etc. is very useful. Besides, we'd probably still need for tags about Presidential elections in general which aren't strictly tied to a specific country (an example of such a question would be Why do countries have term limits on Presidents and Prime Ministers?).

It's the same as for example the "xml" tag on Stack Overflow. On its own, it won't be very useful most of the time (although it could be if you have a question about the XML spec), but you can combine it with other tags (e.g. Python, Java, etc.) to get a useful combination.

Someone should probably go though this list and add some united-states tags there. I'll do that over the course of the next few days (so the homepage won't be swamped with old questions).

seem entirely redundant to me and a "metatag" more than anything else.

Also see: What does supreme-court refer to?

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