Firstly, I know a question exists on Meta.SE for this very thing, but I have 83 helpful flags and haven't received the Deputy badge (over three hours ago). So I'm here to learn a little.

flagging history enter image description here

I'm not quite sure what the semantics of Beta websites are,

  • Does the acknowledgement refresh over a certain period of time? or
  • Do I need more normal flags moreover comment flags to receive it?

I'm not overly bothered about the badge itself (as I like to contribute to this website in any way I can), but I just want to learn more about the process of beta sites moreover say The Workplace (the answer in the aforementioned question for example) as those whom answered also couldn't find any documentation. So it begs the question, is it different for Beta?

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    I'd wait a couple of days for it. Usually these kinds of badges get applied by a routine maintenance job. Jul 25, 2017 at 14:23

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Received the Badge as @SamIam rightly pointed out in the comments. So, yes helpful comment flags on Beta sites contribute to the Deputy badge in the same way they do on fully fledged ones, but over a longer period of time i.e. a routine maintenance job.

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