So there's two questions I wanted to contrast here

  1. Why do Mauritius passport holders have such easy visa access to so many countries?
  2. If you have a SMOM passport are you able to legally enter the Netherlands?

#1 is a good Politics.SE question, asking why the visa policy has been changed the way it has.

#2 should, IMO, be off-topic. It's not about the politics of visa acceptance, it's about actually getting into a country. The question should be migrated to Travel.SE, where it is on-topic (and questions like that are frequently asked)

So is #2 on-topic?

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I agree with your assessment.

The first question is on-topic, because it asks "why are these the visa rules for X?" and specifically asks for the political reasons.

The second question is off-topic, because "what are the visa rules for X?" isn't a political question. You don't need to know the political backgrounds to answer the question, just the local travel regulations. That's the area of expertise of Travel Stack Exchange. I migrated the question.


I agree with your assessment and Philipp's: Travel is definitely the right place for that particular question and such questions should be off-topic here.

In regards to the more general question in the title, I would add to Philipp's answer the caveat that not all visa questions belong on Travel. Questions about visas for long-term immigration (i.e. moving to a different country, such as for work, college, etc.) rather than for short-term visits should be directed to Expatriates instead of Travel. These questions are generally considered off-topic at Travel.

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