This question was recently migrated to Politics.SE from Law. In substance, the question asks where North Koreans traveling in the United States can receive consular services.

Since it is a question of diplomatic policy it is definitely on topic here. However, it's been on our site since November (2+ months) without an answer.

Should we migrate it to Travel.SE? I hate to pass the question off to another Stack (again), but I'm also wondering if experienced world-travelers might know a better way to answer the question than the folks here.

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    Since it's ontopic here, SE migration policy would prevent it from being migrated, unfortunately. It'd be easier to migrate if we agreed that it was off-topic (but I agree that it probably would fare better on Travel and would encourage OP to repost there even sans migration) – user4012 Jan 25 '18 at 15:38

user4012 mentioned this in a comment, but it was strong enough that I think it's the actual answer:

SE migration policy prevents this from being a viable option. Questions should not be migrated just because they are a better fit for another site. Questions should be migrated when they are off-topic on the current site.

In addition to that, it looks like the question is too old to be migrated anyway.

The related meta.SE question is here.

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