I am thinking about large organizations like FIFA who have a great influence in sports and deal with lots of money at global level. I expect that many of its mechanisms to resemble those found in political organizations, as they also seem to have ties with some of these (e.g. United Nations).

Question: Are questions about International Sport Federations on-topic on Politics.SE?

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Questions should always be asked on the stackexchange site where they are the most on-topic.

Sports Stackexchange already has a tag about the FIFA, and there are several questions which are more about the people in suits than about the people in shirts. When you have a question about the internal workings of a sport organization, you will likely find more knowledgeable people on Sports SE.

What I would consider more on-topic on Politics SE is where sport organizations and international politics interact with each other. For example when politicians hand out bribes to sport organizations or when sport events get boycotted for political reasons.

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