When a question is put on hold, assuming a mod hasn't closed it, five members have voted to close the question for reasons.

How does the stack choose which reason to cite? Is it a majority based decision; do the reasons have an order of precedence?

So, two A's, a B, a C, and a D would cite A?

Is the decision influenced by the reputation of people voting?


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ChrisF's answer here is still correct: the system will

  • Take the reason a moderator used to close (if applicable).
  • Take the reason with the most votes.
  • In the event of a tie, take the reason of the last vote cast out of those involved in the tie.

So yes, it's a majority based decision; no reason has an innate precedence over the others; and the reputation of the people voting doesn't matter. In your example, reason A would be shown.

I have no idea why that was removed from the FAQ. Maybe it wasn't frequently asked anymore?

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