Question title says it all.

I was going through the first post review queue, saw and "answer" I deemed worthy of deletion (and I have that privilege) but that was not one of the options. I downvoted and flagged it and moved on.

Once the queue was cleared, I went back over to that thread and voted to delete it.

Is that the intended workflow? Should I have done anything differently?

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For trusted users, you can still vote to delete a post from First Post/Late Answer review queues just like the usual: the answer needs to have a negative score first. (Very Low Quality review queue is an exception which is the only review queue with a possibility to delete 0-score answers)

Just like from outside the review queues, downvoting an answer to negative score doesn't automatically show the "delete" link; you have to refresh the page to see it.

This is the same for inside those review queues: downvote the answer, refresh the page, then click "delete" link.

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