A new user asked a question about why "national socialism" had the term socialism in their name. within 5 minutes it had 2 downvotes, 1 close-vote and was deleted, while I was trying to comment why this question might be actually worth answering, despite its negative perception.

So I wonder, why was it deleted so quickly? Did the OP himself remove it?

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The post author deleted the post himself - the downvotes and close votes were probably received because the post was poorly written, with typos in the title and a question body that lacks details.

If the post was undeleted, it should probably also be closed as a duplicate of this question.

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    Ok, I expected there to be a similar question, but then, as you said, it should be closed as duplicate but not deleted. Thanks for the information, i was a bit confused there.
    – miep
    Feb 26, 2020 at 12:16

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