This is a follow-up to this meta post.

Your question, while not bad, shows zero prior research effort. A quick look at the relevant Wikipedia article is enough to answer it. In fact, that's all the accepted answer does, point you to Wikipedia.

What specifically causes a question to be considered as a "low-research-effort" question? That question got some downvotes, and the tooltip for the downvote says:

This question does not show any research effort; it is unclear or not useful

My guess is:

No research effort

  • Questions that can be answered by simply reading the first link when researching it on Google and/or by reading a Wiki article (ex. Wikipedia)

  • Question is duplicate


  • Question is unclear

  • Question is too broad

  • Question is a VLQ question

Not useful

  • Off-topic

  • Spam or offensive

  • Opinion-based

  • Answer to the question is extremely obvious in the common sense and/or the question is too basic

  • etc. (Other reasons - ex. Question was written in bad faith)


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(Up and down) Voting is subjective.

Different people have different standards, and everyone is free to interpret the guidance in the tooltip in their own way.

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