and . They're not quite the same thing, but I'm seeing some tag confusion already. This question was tagged [race], when it needed to be tagged [racism]. Fixed it, but the remaining usages of all seem like they could be rolled into , which would avoid ambiguity.

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    I agree - I actually proposed the synonym a couple of months ago, but as yet no one seems to have voted on it. Embarrassingly, I also made the tagging error on the question you're referring to! – CDJB Aug 5 at 12:59
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    @CDJB Yeah, tag synonyms for the masses is kinda a joke. I can't even vote on your synonym proposal (and I doubt most people who could would ever visit the page to do so). Faster to suggest a mod do this via Meta. And we've all made tagging mistakes sooner or later. I could see how easy this one would be to make – Machavity Aug 5 at 13:02

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