I am reading a paper that claims (without citation) that triangularity in international relations has been criticised by political scientists as vague. I have searched the papers that have cited seminal papers on triangularity without finding examples of such criticism.

Are questions on political science on topic? Would a question about critiques of triangularity in international relations be better suited for a different SE site?

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Assuming "triangularity" in your question is what I think it is, the subject is on-topic.

While our help page doesn't explicitly make international or diplomatic relations a subject, it falls under "policies introduced by governments", broadly construed, and I don't recall such questions being closed, or the matter even being considered remotely controversial as to be discussed on meta.

As for political science and/or theory being a valid topic, that did come up on meta (more than once) with suggestions to improve the help page, which I'm not sure they were acted upon though. But nobody suggested in those discussions that matter is off-topic.

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