Politics.SE seems like the obvious place for this question, since the underlying topic is political in nature, but I think it's almost as obvious that it would be off-topic on the site.

I have a web page that provides a summary of Theodore Kaczynski's "Industrial Society and its Future" thesis. Google reports that its impressions and clicks are fairly consistent over time, but on June 14 queries for "Unabomber manifesto summary" spiked to ten times the normal rate: enter image description here

If it had been that one day only, I'd ignore it as a mistake, but it took nearly a week for it to return to normal after that, so they were likely real queries.

I'm curious about what happened that day to cause this unusual activity.

But where could I ask about it?

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Questions about where to ask a question are generally asked on Big Meta, but I really don't think there's any place to ask this here, at least without any more information.

  • One of the technical sites might allow questions about how to use Google Reports to get information on these visits.
  • If you find some political link that you don't understand (for example, people are coming to your site with the query "Unabomber Bob Dole", then you might be able to ask here about why Bob Dole is (hypothetically) quoting the Unabomber.

Questions on this site, however, need to be political questions, or at least directly about politics. The fact that a question is references something related to politics isn't enough to make it on-topic

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