Looking through the tags on a new question, I noticed that we have both a "money" and a "currency" tag:

: 64 questions

: 42 questions

The usage information does not outline a difference in usage and even suggests that questions tagged with one should be tagged with the other.

Is there any reason to keep both tags and not make on a synonym of the other?


The tag should be used for such questions as:

  • Politics of placing an image on currency, or

  • Revaluation of currency (exchange rates), or

  • The use of a particular currency for international trade.

The tag should be used for such questions as:

  • Budgets, or

  • Campaign limits, or

  • In general, where the question is not specific to currency.

The only time the two tags should appear together would be for a question concerning the cost of changing or the revaluation of currency.

When viewed this way, they are not synonyms; though, I think the tag info for the tag could be improved to highlight the distinction.

From Personal Finance & Money SE,

What is the difference between money and currency?

Is currency a subset of money?

Accepted answer

You can talk about money without referencing notes or coins, but you can't talk about currency without referencing them.

  • I don’t think this distinction is clear enough to be useful. These definitions are not clear from the names of the tags and if people don’t know to use them correctly, they don’t sever any good. Besides, we already have a budget and campaign-finance for your two examples for “money”. – divibisan Mar 27 at 1:42
  • 2
    I could see “currency” being a better synonym target, with the examples you give for “money” being retagged to “budget” and “campaign-finance” as needed – divibisan Mar 27 at 1:43
  • If the two tags have distinct uses as your answer suggests the tag wikis should not refer to each other like they currently do as it makes them seem like they are the same tag in regards to how they should be used. – Joe W Mar 27 at 5:49
  • 1
    What about renaming [money] to a less confusing [monetary-policy] then? – Machavity Apr 5 at 13:20
  • @Machavity - Questions are supposed to be tagged for "sorting questions into specific, well-defined categories". The problem, I see, is that [money] is "non-specific"; that is, it is how the money is raised or spent that need be "specific." As such, I see the questions using the [money] tag needing to be re-tagged to reflect how money is related to the question. This could eliminate the [money] tag completely. I have not yet surveyed all the existing questions, though the oldest (2012) could be re-tagged [campaign-finance]. – Rick Smith Apr 5 at 16:42

My suggestion is that the two tags are too similar and should be made a synonym of

It should be noted that the wiki information for both tags refer to each other.

Currency: Questions about a system of money in general use in a particular country. Also consider the tag [money].

Money: Questions related to the political aspect of money. Also consider the tag [currency].

  • 1
    It looks like they even refer to each other in the tag wiki which seems even more likely that this should happen. – Joe W Mar 25 at 17:26
  • At best, "Also consider" is ambiguous because it doesn't say why the other tag should be considered. It could be "in addition to" or "as an alternative to". Which sense to apply is subject to interpretation. – Rick Smith Mar 27 at 20:24

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