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Who supports funding of NASA and who supports funding of the "Big Three"

enter image description here

A look at this graph, especially in times of the "Billionaire Space Race", is an interesting political topic. I am aware that there has been a gradual shift of the importance from NASA to the big 3 as the frontrunner of Space exploration.

[by gradual shift I refer to reduction in federal funding of NASA simultaneously with the approval of Tax breaks for the Big 3 for the purpose of sending mankind once again to space, but this time 'private' (article ironically written by Bloomberg org, I guess someone is feeling left out lol)]

also [Big 3= Forbes #1 Bezos(Blue Origin) #2 Elon Musk(SpaceX) and #589 Richard Branson (Virgin Galactic)]

Coming back to the topic of federal funding, after poking fun at the billionaires club, I am also aware that there is a general trend of reduction in NASA funding after the peak of the "space race" during cold war as well a trend for tax breaks for Big 3 during the peak of the "Billionairre space race" and trend begun by

  • *not complete i am just saving Jul 22 at 18:47

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