In How do I find topics I'm interested in?, under Search tags,

If you're looking for questions about multiple topics, you can also search by tags. Our site search recognizes tags enclosed in brackets (like this: [tag]), as well as the search operators AND and OR. The default operator is AND – i.e., searching for "[tag1] [tag2]" returns posts tagged with both.

The AND operator, if included, doesn't really work.

A search with [house-rules] AND [senate-rules]. Gives,

Results for and tagged with

Note that "and" in the above is the word "and" appearing in questions and answers.

There are 12 results, including 4 questions and 8 answers.

Removing the "AND" gives 5 questions and no answers, because one of the questions does not contain the word "and".

(The OR search operator works, but care is required if one uses OR in combination with other tags intended to be ANDed or excluded.)

It being the case that the "AND operator" doesn't work, the mention of AND as a search operator should be removed and note that the "The default behavior is to AND ...".

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    The AND operator functionality seems to have been removed a long time ago. I've added the status review tag because regular mods can't edit the help pages.
    – JJJ Mod
    Commented Aug 28, 2021 at 1:45
  • 2
    The article has been updated!
    – Juan M
    Commented Nov 22, 2021 at 16:30


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