Regarding questions for the tag, are "has there ever been" questions always [history] questions?

Currently, most questions do not use the tag.

Searching for "ever been" and excluding "has there ever been",

The tag limit of 5, mentioned as a concern in this question, applies here, as some questions without the [history] tag already have 5 tags.

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As it happens, not always. Posts sometimes ask supplementary questions. If the main or only question, ask "has there ever been" then yes. If asked in a supplementary question, then no.

For example, in Would it be possible to implement a policy that forbids promotion of brands in media?, the main question asks about a policy; but the supplementary question includes a "has there ever been" question.

A second example, in Can vice president/security advisor or secretary of state be chosen from the opposite party?, a supplementary contains the question.

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