Concerning the new tags and .

Currently the tag "tree" for "scoring votes" (as I see it) is:

First-level Second-level Third-level Questions
┣╾╾╾╾ 4
┣╾╾╾╾ 4
┣╾╾╾╾ 5
┣╾╾╾╾ 10
┗╾╾╾╾ 10
┗╾╾╾╾ 1

Is so distinct as to need a tag separate from ?

Being unfamiliar with Meek STV, I will defer judgment to others.

The tag may be added to some of these five additional "strategic voting" questions and eleven "tactical voting" questions.

Of these 16 questions, eight (3 and 5) had the tag added leaving eight (2 and 6) untagged, for "merely mentioning" the terms.

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    Could you include an explanation of the differences? I don't think I can make a judgement as of now
    – Joe W
    Oct 29, 2021 at 16:13
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    @JoeW - No, I can't explain the differences. I've never answered "vote scoring" questions, because my knowledge of the subject is limited to a general understanding.
    – Rick Smith
    Oct 29, 2021 at 19:27

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Is so distinct as to need a tag separate from ?

No, Meek's is one of a few commonly used STV systems. The others are Warren's and Wright's. These are all implementations of the Single Transferable Vote system.

I don't think it's necessary for these specific implementations to have their own tag.

Additionally, I think STV is already a subset of (see: Wikipedia). I'm not sure if something should change with that tag, but there does seem to be some overlap.

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    Concerning the [strategic-voting] tag. I think a [tactical-voting] synonym would be useful. Ngram shows a marked preference for "strategic voting" over "tactical voting" since 2000.
    – Rick Smith
    Oct 31, 2021 at 0:13
  • 2
    @RickSmith okay, added the synonym. :)
    – JJJ Mod
    Oct 31, 2021 at 8:03

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