There are 29 questions that refer to "term limits" or "term limit"; some as a limitation on re-election.

Due to the number of questions referring to "term limits", a tag could be useful. However, "term limits" are a negative requirement "to stand for election"; therefore, it may be reasonable to make that tag a synonym of .


Requirements to stand for election. These may include a minimum age, citizenship, residency, or other criteria.

Should a tag be created?

Should that tag be made a synonym of ?

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When deciding whether a new tag should be added, there are generally four considerations.

1: Is it useful?

Can one know a lot about term limits, but not know a lot about election requirements? I'd say the answer to this is probably yes, as term limits are a lot more well known than many other election requirements.
It's probably worth doing an analysis of how many questions would use the tag before adding it, and I might add one once I get some more time.

2: is it competing for space with other tags?

Out of the 29 questions you linked, only 1 of those has 5 tags. That one doesn't really need the term limits tag.

3: is it on topic, and is it a duplicate?

As I mentioned earlier, I don't think it's a duplicate of , and it's most definitely on topic. Possibly a duplicate of , but since it applies to all term limits, not just those of presidents, I think it should be fine.

So, I think that the tag should be added.

  • I agree - add it, but it's not a very clear or discoverable synonym, and that's not necessary. Feb 22, 2022 at 16:57

It's not a synonym of "election requirements" though. There is no reason for someone looking through the term-limits tag to be presented with a questions about all other types of election requirements.

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