I answered this question with a direct link to the Israeli law provision on the topic. Seems factual and well-sourced to me. Why was it deleted? I didn't even see any usual antisemitic comments addressed to me.

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The answer was first posted when the question still read like this. The answer wasn't an answer to the question. It was merely pointing out a misconception in the question. So I converted it to a comment.

Then the question was edited so the comment no longer applied, so the comment wasn't on-topic anymore either. So I deleted the comment.

However, now reading the deleted answer again in the context of the current version of the question, it actually is now on-topic. I just undeleted it. But I removed the quote from the previous version of the question that is no longer in the current version.

  • Thanks, I guess I missed some action overnight.
    – littleadv
    Apr 16 at 17:54

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