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A full and objective description of good faith?

I've noticed a number of recent trend where both moderators are deleting and I am voting to close questions and answers on grounds that they were not written in "good faith". Examples include: As a ...
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Does Politics Stack Exchange as a whole have a bias? If so, how can it possibly be quantified?

Background This site is supposed to be about the following: Specific issues with governments, policies and political processes Real problems or questions that you’ve encountered And not about the ...
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Preemptively protecting hot network questions

I asked a question last night, and it was received pretty well, to the point that it managed to get into the Hot Network Question (HNQ) list. But as a result of this, a moderator protected the ...
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Please reword the "good faith" close reason

We recently changed the custom close reasons, and one of them reads: The primary purpose of this question appears to be to promote or discredit a specific political cause, group or politician. It ...
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Deleting Answers Vs Downvoting

I noticed this Answer coming up in the review queue and wanted to ask for some concrete guidance on Delete Votes Vs Downvotes. As per a lot of the comments on the answer it's clear that a number of ...
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Why did this stack exchange site upvote this woeful answer?

In the top-voted answer in this thread: Why is communism considered as evil (like fascism and nazism) in the United States?, it is argued that communism is evil. The argument goes that communist ...
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Why are these two questions gathering so many downvotes?

Why has the U.S. airdrop of supplies to Gaza been criticized as hypocritical? Why does the US consider the Palestinian Authority ill-fitted to govern the Palestinian state in the post war? I don't see ...
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Why did Community delete a good answer (>= 5)?

Community deleted this answer, in spite its value (11-6=5 at the time of writing this post). Currently it is undeleted, but I wonder: Why was it deleted in the first place?
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Require reading the meta post on not upvoting bad questions or gaining reputation on the site before upvoting

This site has had problems with low quality posts getting upvotes on the past, with some of that due to the HNQ (and I’ve seen this happen recently too). This proposal should theoretically reduce the ...
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What is the Politics site optimised for?

The Politics site inherits an administrative culture that has worked well for StackOverflow, a site for professional-grade coders who have problems that need solving right now and are requesting a ...
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Is it ok to consider a question not being too broad if it received good answers?

During reviewing I met questions like this one. Looking at the question alone, it is clear that it is too broad. However, it received a good answer (7-2 votes) that shows that it is answerable (...
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