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Be more responsible with your votes

I was browsing the flags queue today when I came across the following answer to the following question: That answer is nothing more than a sarcastic ...
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What should be on the moderator candidate questionnaire?

NOTE: The questionnaire is now up Related to Will there be a candidate questionnaire for the upcoming election? and 2020 Community Moderator Election Please post answers below that contain a question ...
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What should we do with this answer to "Why did people still chant Lock her up at Trump rallies in 2019"?

What should we do with this answer to the question "Why did people still chant "Lock her up" at Trump rallies in 2019?"? Timeline so far: A user flagged it as "rude or offensive" I agreed ...
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2022 Moderator Election Q&A – Question Collection

The purpose of this thread was to collect questions for the questionnaire. The questionnaire is now live, and you may find it here. Politics Stack Exchange is scheduled for an election next week, ...
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What custom close reasons should we have?

Update: The two most upvoted close reasons have now been enabled. Let's see how they work out in practice. We re-added the auto-generated "not about [site-topic] as described in the help-center&...
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2020 Moderator Candidate Questionnaire

Due to the short election cycle we had an abbreviated question collection. Not every question was selected. All positive scoring suggestions are included (since the bottom three were tied). As a ...
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Why has my question been so butchered that now it is necessary to post a dis-avowal due to excessive edits

I have been participating on SE review queues since long before many users of this beta site. I am well aware of how to post a good question and answer. I wrote what is being labeled a "...
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What exactly makes this question not "a good faith effort" etc.?

I have a question about my Politics Stack Exchange post: What does the West gain by not letting Russia swallow Ukraine? I have checked the resources linked in the closure note and attempted to figure ...
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What is the best way to ask a genuine question when it is guaranteed to attract flame?

I'd like to ask a question in Politics.SE that, I promise, will be controversial because of its subject matter (yes, it's related to the Russo-Ukrainian war). My problem is that some of the answers ...
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Why have I been banned from asking questions?

I've been banned from asking questions, because I discuss topics which the far-left moderators here regard as being "wrongthink". They want politics.SE to remain a "safe space" for establishment/...
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How to handle 'arguments from authority'

According to Wikipedia an argument from authority or argumentum ab auctoritate is a fallacy "in which a claimed authority's support is used as evidence for an argument's conclusion". I just read a ...
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Please reword the "good faith" close reason

We recently changed the custom close reasons, and one of them reads: The primary purpose of this question appears to be to promote or discredit a specific political cause, group or politician. It ...
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Why are some questions which are clearly opinion-based allowed while others are not?

The guidance on What topics can I ask about here? reads: Politics Stack Exchange is for objective questions about governments, policies and political processes. It is not a place to advance opinions ...
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What ensures that below zero question ratings on Politics Stack Exchange aren't politically motivated? [closed]

Are there ways of formulating a question title so that it will be more likely to be of no interest to anyone who would be likely to be displeased by the body of the question?
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Why is this question about the political reason for the U.S. copying the stripes of the EIC flag "on hold"?

Placing this question What were the political reasons for the U.S. using the stripes of the British East India Company flag on the U.S. national flag? "on hold" for the reasons stated "The primary ...
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