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This tag is for questions about answers: how to answer, whether specific answers are appropriate, and so forth.

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Should we have a "back it up" rule for answers?

I've asked my first question on Politics today, and I'm not very happy with the first couple of answers that I received. Don't get me wrong, both answers are helpful, I appreciate the answerers' time &...
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Why are answers that basically say "right wing illogical bad, left wing rational good" allowed to exist?

I just flagged an answer that literally just said pretty much "The reason for X is because Left is rational and right is irrational", using a lot of randomly picked statements (can't even ...
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3 answers

Why do we need references?

Back in 2012, it was established that answers on Politics.SE need to be backed up with references. I am all for that, but I cannot properly explain why that is the case. I regularly ask users to back ...
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What is the policy on comments and answers that breed negativity?

As someone who mostly uses the other sites on this network, I find myself unsurprisingly appalled at the negativity inherent in the answers and comments on this site. Questions and answers that are ...
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17 votes
3 answers

Are frame challenges acceptable on Politics.SE?

I came across this question and answered it with a frame challenge that the statements the OP references are a rhetorical device more than actual beliefs. It's garnered some upvotes but wound up in ...
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Use of ChatGPT to provide answers

What is Politics.SE's stance on answers from ChatGPT? There is a debate on Meta Stack Exchange on what the policy on them should be and I was wondering if we should have one as well. I am asking this ...
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Should accepted answers still be pinned to the top of the list of answers?

There's a proposal on main Meta regarding accepted answers floating to the top in the list of answers. I'll selectively quote parts of CM Nicolas Chabanovsky's question here to get you up to speed ...
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How do I deal with a user who is gatekeeping edits to their answer?

I've noticed an answer that contains a section that doesn't offer anything to the question other than to preemptively poison the well and be rude to any users that attempt to downvote or edit: Here ...
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5 answers

What to do about biased question-askers who accept an answer because its supports their bias?

This question and this question brought this to mind. Questions like these, where the requester is asking a biased question not to gain actual knowledge but simply reinforce or spread their bias (...
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6 answers

Moderator Philipp selectively deleting on-topic comments on answer

I and others made some comments on this answer addressing specific points in it to make it less misleading for future readers. This is explicitly on-topic and allowed. However, moderator Philipp ...
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2 answers

Why was this NAA flag declined?

I recently flagged an answer which I think wasn't an answer. To my surprise, the flag was somehow declined. The screenshots below show the question and the flag declination. When flagging, I added a ...
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1 answer

Wiki answers for changing information

I came across this wiki answer for a question about senators from political families, and noticed it started with an encouragement to keep the answer eternally updated as the makeup of the US Senate ...
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Can you suggest a standard comment for opinion-based answers?

I noticed that many new users come to this website with the misconception that it would be a website would be a forum to post their personal opinion, not a Q&A site for posting factual answers. ...
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3 answers

How do we handle opinionated non-answers posted as answers?

The Situation I flagged this answer for moderator intervention and provided this reason: This answer appears to be personal opinion, rather than a factual answer to a question. The flag was ...
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Should answers without references be removed by the mods?

As an example, user @BobaFit recently posted an answer to In the US, what do federal politicians commenting on education policy propose the federal government should do? which I find quite compelling, ...
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Standards of Evidence?

What are the standards of evidence for an answer here? I know this isn't Skeptics, but I've seen several answers justified using intuitive "logic", without any citations. Should that be considered ...
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Why was my answer to the question "Why is China interested in supporting the Taliban?" deleted?

My answer, which basically said that China is interested in welcoming Afghanistan, which is now governed by the Taliban, into the community of nations after the debacle of twenty year long US ...
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