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12 votes
2 answers

Why my accepted answer got deleted for alleged "apologizing antisemitism"?

I understand why my answer could be generally disliked, as I accuse identitarian left that if one reused their own claims, just replacing "white", with "Jew", one would be considered as blatantly anti-...
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2 answers

My Q was deleted on a basis which I think it was biased, full of misjudgements

my question, titled "Why Israeilis are politically granted the right to declare Palestine as their own land and state?", was first closed with the justification that "It is not a place ...
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-10 votes
3 answers

Repeated antisemitism on this site

Why is blatant antisemitism so rampant on this site? How's "Why do Jews need a safe space" question not a grounds for an automatic ban?
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19 votes
3 answers

Why are people who unapologetically and repeatedly post racist drivel not banned for extended periods of time?

A certain user – a student of mathematics – has a repeated history of posting offensive racist content. Furthermore, based on various posts on meta, it seems that this user doesn't seem to understand ...
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3 votes
5 answers

Question closed & deleted for antisemitism

My question was not only closed but also deleted for being antisemitic, according to the moderator. The question was "do a majority of Israeli Jews want Palestinians in Gaza to die?", it was ...
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4 answers

Why questioning the existance of Israel, as is, is considered anti-Semitism?

I personally have no problem with Jews to have their own state, neither do I have problem with any other group of people who want to have their own states. Those who criticize Israel, even its ...
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