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With conflicting partisan self-descriptions, are one sides' terms always preferrable?

Moderator Philipp made an interesting terminology edit. Before: In 2021 voter suppression advocates claim... After: In 2021, people advocating for stricter voter-ID laws, claim... Philipp ...
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How can I post comments on this question that moderators would find acceptable?

Starting point, the question asked by user2501323: "Does Greta Thunberg acts alone, only with her family?" Recently, we all heard Greta's emotional speech about climate and world problems. ...
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Answer deleted for an inferred "all" that was really an implied "some"

Moderator Phillip has deleted my somewhat provocative answer to "Why are conservatives so patriotic and hateful of the government at the same time?" for valid but unsound reason, commenting: I'm ...
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Is this considered within bounds of "be nice" policy? If so, why?

Quoting a comment (emphasis mine): There is no such thing as a "bad" question. There is a such thing as nitpicking critics that parse questions and answers to satisfy their own peer-pressure or ego ...
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Why is left wing offensive content not moderated nearly as rigorously?

There seems to be a disturbing trend on the site. Whenever anything - no matter how factually accurate - is stated that is right-leaning, a bunch of people come in, flag as offensive, and certain ...
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Are rude/abusive flags handled based on latest edited text of the post as of review time, or on the original text? [duplicate]

When a post is flagged as rude or abusive, how are the flags handled? More specifically, is it based on latest edited text of the post as of review time, or on the original text?
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