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Questions related to the previous Politics.SE beta status in Area 51

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We are no longer in beta!

We have graduated from beta! This site has spent 3298 days in beta, and we are finally graduating! I'm kind of sad they didn't wait for 3333... :P Here is what will likely change: Moderator elections ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Can we move out of beta now?

Note: this is not a duplicate of this question because that is tagged discussion while this is tagged feature-request Here are the reasons why I think we should be graduated: Politics stack exchange ...
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32 votes
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Is it time for this site to move out of Beta?

The site meets or exceeds most Area 51 criteria, particularly on users and traffic. There is a healthy number of established 20k+ users. The site is well-moderated (and very actively so). It is now ...
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17 votes
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What currently prevents Politics.SE from being launched from Beta?

This is a question for the site admins, rather than the mods. What currently prevents Politics.SE from being officially launched, given how well it performs in terms of popularity, number of users, ...
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12 votes
2 answers

What steps could we take to help Politics.SE graduate?

Is there something the users of Politics.SE can do to graduate this site from being just a beta version? It seems absurd that a Stack Exchange site on a topic that is very important is still a Beta ...
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6 votes
2 answers

What KPIs should be increased and to what values, so that Politics become a full member of SE community?

At the time of asking this question, Politics has been in beta for more than 1500 days. That's more than four years. Area 51 FAQ tells us that: If a site reaches critical mass, it becomes a full ...
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Where are the beta badges? [closed]

On the Politics beta, nobody has the beta badge, although 16 people fulfilled their commitment. By comparison, other recent betas have beta badges: 58 at ExpressionEngine, 25 at Robots, 32 at ...
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Private Beta Extension [closed]

Given the volatile nature of the topic, Politics.SE has done a great job so far of keeping out most of the subjective discourse. However, we’re choosing to extend your private beta for a week to give ...
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