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Community anti-Israeli censorship

My posts are routinely downvoted for not being inline with the official anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic stance of this forum. I've been routinely bashed, and on occasion even sanctioned by the ...
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Can we get rid of the "baltic-states" tag?

This is a Russo-centric and, what's worse, Soviet-centric designation of Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. The 3 countries always considered themselves as having been occupied by the Soviet Union. They ...
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Can I now use DPRK-style language in posts?

I suggested this be toned down: In contrast, the men who flocked to the American banner, from the first day of the occupation, were naught more than self-interested traitors to their own people and ...
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Moderator Philipp needs to stop moderating anything to do with Israel/Palestine

Whilst I am not aware of issues with the moderation of Philipp on other topics, on the topics of Israel and Palestine it is obvious that they are unable to act in an objective fashion. Hence I suggest ...
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Moderator Philipp deleted my answer for "[making] one side in an ongoing conflict look worse than the other"

My answer was in response to the following question: Why won't Israel allow more aid into Gaza? The exact reason given for the deletion was: As explained in the comments, this answer is using cherry-...
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A good example of biased voting

I often have my questions or answers related to Israel-Palestine heavily downvoted since the Hamas attack in October. Some of them disappear into oblivion, as per SE rules. In some cases it could be ...
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How biased can sources be, before they aren't considered useful references here?

I've now seen several references to the The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center in the context of the Israeli/Hamas 2023 War to "buttress" claims of misdeeds by Hamas. ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Abuse of privileges to close or review questions

The reason The primary purpose of this question appears to be to promote or discredit a specific political cause, group or politician. It does not appear to be a good-faith effort to learn more about ...
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There's an extremely strong anti China and anti Russian bias

What benefits does China gain by waiving debt to African countries like this? There's an extremely strong anti China and anti Russian bias. Not only I am getting downvotes, but people are also saying ...
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2 answers

Why was this answer about cancel culture accepted by the community, despite completely failing at answering the question objectively?

This site is about politics, and it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to be unbiased and objective when asking/answering questions on certain topics in politics. What thoughts have been made ...
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3 answers

How to handle own opinions when answering a question?

This might be a duplicate, but I couldn't find a question about this on meta. So, I'm active here now for a few months, and i find it really interesting to read answers to questions about topics I ...
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2 answers

Please review this post, closed based on differing opinions

Please review the following question for being closed without good reason What safeguards has the DNC added to prevent a situation like what they did to Bernie Sanders in the last election?. This ...
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4 answers

How to encourage unbiased discussion on this site?

To my best of knowledge, this site encourages unbiased discussion about politics. We cover facts but not speculation. Please correct me if I'm wrong. We are encouraged to support our answer with ...
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3 votes
4 answers

How can I prevent my questions from being closed as "primarily opinion-based"?

This question was closed for being primarily opinion-based. According to the help section, subjective questions (as this one has apparently been deemed) should: insist that opinion be backed up with ...
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If, (and only if), there were professional trolls and moles here, what if anything should be done?

OFF TOPIC note: This question is hypothetical, therefore comments and answers disputing its hypothesis are off topic. That is, while the question of "Are there actually any trolls and moles here?" ...
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1 answer

Biased moderators locked question because they did not like the facts. Need reopen

I had a question that was edited out of context and locked by a couple of really bad moderators a while ago because they did not agree with the facts in my question. Bernie Sanders was sandbagged by ...
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Should we poll the website users to corroborate/disprove the "bias" claimed by some users ? Or assess representativity?

This site makes good efforts to maintain some neutrality, efforts which I think are successful. However, sympathisers of the US republican party claim there is a pro-US democratic party bias on this ...
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Do you want to help Politics.SE? We need your help in suggesting neutral wording for questions and answers with partisan bias

I have been making a concerted effort to try to remove partisan bias from the content of questions and answers on Politics.SE, to ensure they are written in a more Neutral Point of View (NPoV). Since ...
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Are liberals incapable of seeing their own bias?

YannisRizos rolled back this question, because: "the edit changed the intent of the post too much. Editing is not a good way of challenging the technical accuracy of a question, if you wish to ...
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2 answers

How to handle opinions in factual answers?

If there are political opinions/bias in an otherwise "good" and neutral/factual answer, how do we as a site want to handle it? As a hypothetical, someone asks a question on presidential elections. ...
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