Questions tagged [burninate-request]

Requests to have a tag "burninated" (or deleted) from the system. Use for both requesting a removal, as well as discussing if a tag needs removal. Read the tag wiki for more details.

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Should the [bri] be burninated

A newbri tag was recently added to 8 questions and it appears to be about a "Belt and Road Initiative" in China. Personally I am of the mind that this tag is very unclear as to what it means ...
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Should the [majority] and [supermajority] tags be "burninated"?

Should the majority and supermajority tags be "burninated"? majority (8 questions tagged; 877 questions using the term) supermajority (2 questions tagged; 26 questions using the term) ...
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Follow up on previous question concerning the [money] tag

Following up on, Why do we have both a [money] and a [currency] tag?, there are currently 2 14 questions remaining that use the money tag. After these questions have been edited the [money] tag may be ...
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Keeping this tag is an in[justice]

There are 56 31 10 questions tagged with justice Most of the questions seem to be about law or crime or corruption where the asker seems to think that "Justice has not been done", and ...
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