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Was the Agora chat room always a stream of videos and articles that one user finds personally interesting, or is this a more recent characteristic?

In the last 12 days one user has posted 16 videos and over 50 article links that I suppose they think everyone should know about. I would like to know how folks see the following: Is this pretty much ...
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Regarding a new chat room

For many (but not necessarily all) Indian students, the biggest motivation to understand political science is the UPSC exam. I have started a new chat room, so my question is is this kind of room okay?...
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Should we unfreeze Politics chat?

The main Politics chat room, Agora, has been programmatically frozen for inactivity. Should it be unfrozen?
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Chat link doesn't go to Agora

On most SE sites, when I click on "Chat" link on the top left StackExchange dropdown menu next to the site name, it takes me to the site's main chatroom. On Politics.SE, it takes me to general SE ...
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Can we have comments suggest we take it to chat sooner?

The Stack Exchange platform has a convenient feature where if a comment thread on a post is running long, it'll provide a link and suggest you take the discussion to chat. I'm not seeing that prompt ...
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What should the name of our chat room be? [closed]

Did you know we have a chat room? It feels a bit deserted and one fun way of drawing a bit of attention to it would be to change the default - and dull - name to something awesome! Several other ...
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