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Repeated antisemitism on this site

Why is blatant antisemitism so rampant on this site? How's "Why do Jews need a safe space" question not a grounds for an automatic ban?
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Question closed & deleted for antisemitism

My question was not only closed but also deleted for being antisemitic, according to the moderator. The question was "do a majority of Israeli Jews want Palestinians in Gaza to die?", it was ...
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Is "unethical" content prohibited?

I am struggling to find any notion of unethical content in the Unacceptable Behavior policy. Is "unethical" (whatever it means) content actually prohibited? This question comes from an edit ...
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Antisemitism on

I didn't want to have to post this, but here we are. Yesterday I flagged a comment by a user on one of their own answers to a question on the main site, that repeated the baseless conspiracy theory ...
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False claims of genocide cannot be denied?

In a previous answer I said this: I would also say that hyping the Uighur situation into "genocide" is part of a media manipulation. What is occuring in Xinjiang is a forced assimilation of ...
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Should comments promoting willful disregard for Geneva conventions result in warnings/contacting by moderators?

It also appears that Palestinians are willing to fake any number of infants killed, civilians injured etc., while at the same time posting propaganda videos of kids with weapons swearing to kill jews. ...
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How biased can sources be, before they aren't considered useful references here?

I've now seen several references to the The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center in the context of the Israeli/Hamas 2023 War to "buttress" claims of misdeeds by Hamas. ...
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Why aren't disparaging remarks towards political outgroups treated as rude?

I've noticed that my flagging history on politics.SE has a quite low acceptance rate. In particular, I currently show a total of 6 "rude or abusive" flags, all of which have been declined. I ...
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Should accusations of being a *Russian sympathiser* be treated as *unfriendly or unkind*?

Should accusations of being a Russian sympathiser be treated as unfriendly or unkind? What is the current moderation policy in this respect? Here is an example taken from one of the threads that I was ...
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Is it acceptable to use posts and comments to further one's political agenda?

Is Politics.SE a place where it is acceptable to further one's political agenda? For example, am I allowed to: Ask a question of the format: ...Trump's policies are all designed to benefit the ...
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When are comments on this site unfriendly or unkind?

I'm more of a lurker here. I usually just read a little here and there, but I get into it every now and then if the right HNQ caught my eye. So I'm not super familiar with this community. I flagged ...
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Are we going to start telling each other to "shut up" now?

Background I had a strange exchange that has troubled me so much that I decided to wait several days before addressing it in order to fully process what happened. There was discussion about closing a ...
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Is connecting the Nazis with the "far right" a Code of Conduct violation?

Answering the question of how people can be convinced to not vote for the "far right", this answer states some reasons why voting for the far right is not very good: The far-right have a ...
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What is the best way to ask a genuine question when it is guaranteed to attract flame?

I'd like to ask a question in Politics.SE that, I promise, will be controversial because of its subject matter (yes, it's related to the Russo-Ukrainian war). My problem is that some of the answers ...
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Should the controversy of a bill be edited into a question?

Recently, in the question "Where can I find the original text of Hungary's controversial new child protection bill?" (and to a lesser extent, CDJB's answer to that question), there was a bit ...
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Is posting something offensive from a third party, "in order to debunk", in scope for this site?

Take this question, now deleted, so only visible to those with 2k privileges. Someone posted the following infographic to reddit before it was quickly deleted some time ago. But I think it's ...
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Is or isn't it a CoC violation to put a claimed ethic or national identity in scare quotes?

There's a certain user here who wrote about a dozen times ""Palestinian" Arabs" (in two different posts, but one was deleted; here's a link to the one still standing.) Sure one ...
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Use of gender-inclusive language: is "s/he" inappropriate?

in this comment @CGCampbell suggests that I check the inclusion section of the code of conduct. I have done so, and the relevant sentenced seems to be "Prefer gender-neutral language when ...
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Does claiming someone is dog-whistling go against "assuming good faith"?

I was reading this meta article and came across the idea of assuming good faith. It is mentioned in the podcast body: So I think as long as everyone is operating from a place of assuming good ...
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Is promoting 'nationalism' agreeable under the Code of Conduct?

What exactly is meant by Code of Conduct? It seems in need of being spelled out much more clearly than in "the Code" itself. In particular, the CoC calls for: This Code of Conduct helps us build ...
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Does an impartial discussion of bigotry as it relates to politics violate the code of conduct?

The stack exchange code of conduct clearly states bigotry is not acceptable: No bigotry. We don’t tolerate any language likely to offend or alienate people based on race, gender, sexual ...
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