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Discussions around senility in politicians

Is there any stance on talk around politicians being senile and stating that it is okay for one to be senile but not okay for their opponent to be senile? I am asking this as I see an answer stating ...
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Why aren't disparaging remarks towards political outgroups treated as rude?

I've noticed that my flagging history on politics.SE has a quite low acceptance rate. In particular, I currently show a total of 6 "rude or abusive" flags, all of which have been declined. I ...
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Why was this "unfriendly" flag declined?

I flagged the following comment on an answer Downvoted because you seem to misunderstand the word .... as "unfriendly or unkind." The flag was declined. Why? This comment was not to me. ...
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Why was my comment flag declined?

I recently flagged this comment: It is clearly a political question because it asks about an action of the government of Canada. I do not know an answer, though (same as @JoeC). (Emphasis mine) My ...
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Why was this flag declined?

This answer, by its own admission, does not answer the question. Other users have pointed this out as well. Indeed, the answerer admits: Fair point that I should have been more on point to the OP's ...
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Why was this NAA flag declined?

I recently flagged an answer which I think wasn't an answer. To my surprise, the flag was somehow declined. The screenshots below show the question and the flag declination. When flagging, I added a ...
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Declined flag on an egregiously sexist and passive aggressive answer?

Here's some highlights from a post I recently flagged as rude or abusive. The closest parallel I can find is the Clinton/Lewinsky affair. No, that wasn't conduct becoming of a president (certainly ...
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