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Why was my comment flag declined?

I recently flagged this comment: It is clearly a political question because it asks about an action of the government of Canada. I do not know an answer, though (same as @JoeC). (Emphasis mine) My ...
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Why was this flag declined?

This answer, by its own admission, does not answer the question. Other users have pointed this out as well. Indeed, the answerer admits: Fair point that I should have been more on point to the OP's ...
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Why was this NAA flag declined?

I recently flagged an answer which I think wasn't an answer. To my surprise, the flag was somehow declined. The screenshots below show the question and the flag declination. When flagging, I added a ...
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Declined flag on an egregiously sexist and passive aggressive answer?

Here's some highlights from a post I recently flagged as rude or abusive. The closest parallel I can find is the Clinton/Lewinsky affair. No, that wasn't conduct becoming of a president (certainly ...
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