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Why my question got deleted?

Would like to know why my question got deleted. Sure the question was closed, but it needed just 1 vote to get reopened. As can be read in the question, there are a similar question, but about Russia ...
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My question was deleted from front page

I have a question about my Politics Stack Exchange post: what was Freddie mercury's religion? I have posted the aforementioned question yesterday and was deleted. Critics claimed that the post was ...
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Should 'What has Russian world chess champion Boris Spassky said about Putin, the invasion, etc?' have been deleted?

Note: I heard downvotes in a yes/no question in a meta post are a 'no' answer. 1st question: Why deleted?
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Downvoted and closed only since it was misunderstood as a pro-Russian question? Search for a better question for second try

This is about which was deleted just a few hours after coming to life - much too fast, ...
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Why my comments and questions are repeatedly getting deleted?

Few hours ago I have posted a comment under this downvoted post saying that three high reputation users have answered it and it doesn't deserve to be downvoted. Surprisingly the comment got ...
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Badly received question about Hamas corruption

About a month ago, I asked two parallel questions: Checks against corruption in the Palestinian Authority and their effectiveness Checks against corruption in Gaza, and their effectiveness The first ...
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Is Politics StackExchange Beta biased and promoting violence? [closed]

I have just published this legitimate question related to current political affairs in the US. I got immediately several downvotes, an admin deleting my comments while defending the legitimacy of my ...
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Why would a question be deleted by SO staff?

This question "Why have only Democrats been accused of election fraud?" has been deleted by Cesar M, a community manager at SO. There was an ongoing debate about whether the question is on-...
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Question(s) about homicide rate in Somalia

It seems we get those once in a while, probably from the same person who might troll with other topics, but I don't see a horrible reason why the Somalia-homicide-rate question itself needs to go. It ...
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Why was this question about the name "national socialism" deleted?

A new user asked a question about why "national socialism" had the term socialism in their name. within 5 minutes it had 2 downvotes, 1 close-vote and was deleted, while I was trying to comment why ...
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Why are we closing questions for being susceptible to opinion on a site about politics?

This question about fascism and President Trump was closed and deleted because "answers will tend to be almost entirely based on opinions, rather than facts, references, or specific expertise". This ...
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Why was this question about Palestine-Israel conflict deleted?

I wrote this question about Palestine-Israel conflict: A moderator came and first of all deleted the phrase "the Jews"...
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Should this question about protests at US airports be undeleted?

This question about Hong Kong airport protests happening in the US (cached) was deleted by the community user, I assume because the author's account was removed / deleted. The question was closed and ...
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At what point is it acceptable to ridicule a politician that has become a national joke?

Context: I characterized Theresa May's deal as undead, and May herself as a necromancer. Philipp edited those bits out, alongside a point that I ...
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Is there a way to get information on my closed and deleted questions and answers?

Is there a way to find a complete list of: Questions and answers of mine that were closed and deleted. The Politics SE users and/or moderators who voted to close or delete the questions or answers. ...
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Why was this question about Eminent Domain data deleted?

I recently answered this question on Eminent Domain statistics with decent citations. Other discussions in the comments were relevant (and not the "debate club" that often results in these deletions). ...
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Delete the question on the Main asking 'Is war good for Anything?'

I view this question as an obvious troll of the board. Even withstanding that, the question itself is overly broad. Text books, curriculims, even entire colleges (e.g. military service colleges) are ...
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Are they going to delete all non USA friendly questions?

Hours ago I posted a question related to 9/11 and Donald trump. This question was polite and direct and it was not just downvoted and closed but deleted. Is this going to be the trend in this ...
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Why was this question deleted? While the wording of the question could use improvement (or more bluntly, jew-...
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Delete "Who succeeds when a King dies leaving a daughter and a son in-utero?"

I recently asked this question: In the Commonwealth realms, who succeeds when a King dies leaving a daughter and a son in-utero? When I asked it, I was not aware that the laws had actually changed, ...
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Why was my question deleted?

I just had a question deleted. Here it is: Title: Why did the Christie ...
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Are links to news articles about gun free zones offensive now?

YannisRizos asked me to rewrite the question from scratch, removing the partisan retoric. I did so, and asked this question: Are you safer in a gun free zone? I provided links to the stories in ...
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What is so offensive about the question, "Why do Democrats want to deny women the right to defend themselves from college rapists?"

This question was deleted, with no notice as to why. It seemed perfectly reasonable. The gist of the question was that Democrats in Colorado want women with Concealed Carry permits to leave their ...
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