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Does Politics SE see more downvotes than other SEs?

Does Politics SE see more downvotes than other SEs, as a proportion of total votes cast? If yes, is it 1) a problem that should be addressed, 2) a problem that does not need to be addressed, or 3) not ...
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Why are these two questions gathering so many downvotes?

Why has the U.S. airdrop of supplies to Gaza been criticized as hypocritical? Why does the US consider the Palestinian Authority ill-fitted to govern the Palestinian state in the post war? I don't see ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Is there a pattern explaining a high number of downvotes on my recent questions?

I'm aware that questions related to Israel-Palestine are often controversial, and I asked a few of these along the years. But in the past month I asked three questions which collected a particularly ...
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Increase negative score threshold for questions to get into active feed

Questions on Stack Exchange scoring some number of downvotes are not getting into active feed. Guess there are reasons why it´s so, but the question is not about it. The problem is once your question ...
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-9 votes
4 answers

Consider restricting down-vote

Since Politics.SE is heavily moderated, I don't think DV is needed. Users have been abusing DV in Politics.SE in the form of serial-down-voting (which has not been reversed in my case) and targeted DV ...
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3 answers

Someone is downvoting my answers here every day since about one month

I'm receiving downvotes pretty much every day, sometimes more than once per day on a wide range of answers without any correlation about the topic and the details of my argument. Perhaps others here ...
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11 votes
3 answers

Why did my question get so many downvotes?

As soon as I posted Has the freedom of speech been compromised in the US? I got many downvotes. Given that I'm not an American and I'm not familiar with the political atmosphere in the US (that's why ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Why is the question about informed consent downvoted?

Question in question: If the justifications for informed consent are questionable, then why would it be a legal requirement? I wonder why is this question get 9 downvotes? Is it low research effort, ...
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-7 votes
2 answers

Why is my question downvoted?

My question has been downvoted twice after 10 views. None of the downvoters left a comment. Is that normal on PSE? Edit. Now the question have been closed (by unknown people) as "off topic"....
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2 votes
2 answers

Tara Reade question and Politics.SE standards

I am frustrated with how users have reacted to my question and answer regarding the Reade/Biden issue. The reaction was negative. First there was a vote to close, and then it was reopened, but ...
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Are downvotes being counted the same as upvotes in the Reputation summary?

My home page for politics.SE shows "+4" votes for this question: But in fact, there was 1 upvote and 3 downvotes: I successfully(!?) have negative values for other questions though. So is ...
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-11 votes
4 answers

How to encourage unbiased discussion on this site?

To my best of knowledge, this site encourages unbiased discussion about politics. We cover facts but not speculation. Please correct me if I'm wrong. We are encouraged to support our answer with ...
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Why is one question about the Catalan referendum open and upvoted, and the other one is closed as off topic and downvoted?

What are plausible possible outcomes after the Catalan referendum? This thread was put on hold with -5 votes and deemed "off topic". If the independence vote in Catalunya is successful. What are the ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Why has my question been heavily downvoted?

I put up a question earlier today regarding water fluoridation and government motivation behind why it was done, and received heavy backlash for it. My question was within the guidelines of the site, ...
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Who is serial downvoting me on my Politics.SE birthday?

Someone (or two someones?) just downvoted all my Politics.SE answers around the same time as I earned the Yearling badge. Does the system do this or is this someone pursuing a vendetta against me? And ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Can I see who downvotes my questions/answers?

Can I see who downvotes my questions/answers? Sorry if noob question...
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35 votes
2 answers

Help! I am being oppressed! Why do people keep downvoting my opinions?

I came to this website, just wanting to exercise my freedom of speech rights and tell everyone my opinion about [issue]. But people keep downvoting my questions and answers. Is this website ...
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How to not have my questions closed or downvoted?

So far I have only asked four questions on this site and it seems that I consistently ask bad questions, though personally I think they are really interesting questions and maybe even good questions. ...
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-5 votes
2 answers

What are the most active users Upvote/Downvote ratio, and who receives the most downvotes?

The following comment has 3 Upvotes: "@DVK You're the highest-rep user on this site. Somehow I doubt that the community is being unfair to you and user1873(who is the third highest-rep user)&...
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