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Why is this question a duplicate?

Why should this question be a duplicate? I have explicitly stressed out the diference between the questions. I could agree if the question would be closed for being off topic, but not duplicate. How ...
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Duplicate Question

Q1: Rajya sabha member and Election in India Q2: How are the members of the Indian upper house elected? They are exact duplicates of each other. Q1 is older but Q2 is better framed and the answer to ...
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75828 is a duplicate of 75825

Isn't Which countries do have both a motive and a capability of disrupting Nord Stream? a more ambiguous and less precise duplicate of ?
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Is re-asking a bad question in a better way allowed?

this question is similar to this question except less pushy, and a bit broader in scope. Is asking these types of questions allowed, or should they be closed as duplicate (in general, not in this case ...
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How early is too early to answer a question evaluating a person or policy?

A user recently posted this question asking about what steps President Biden has taken so far to address climate change: On what steps from ecology plan have Joe Biden's administration already made ...
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If you ask a question that is similar to another question, but broader, would it be a duplicate?

Some questions are asked about fairly specific topics, which is no surprise. If you ask a question about the same topic but with a much broader question, would it be considered a duplicate? For ...
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What does it mean when a question is closed as a duplicate by the "community" robot?

Question 57192 was deleted as a duplicate by a single named user and a robot named "community". While there is some overlap between the old question (on qualifications in general), I think ...
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Why was my question on Male Genital Mutilation closed as a duplicate?

I asked this question: Why does the UK have Female Genital Mutilation Act 2003, but not Male Genital Mutilation Act? but despite explaining why it was not a duplicate, it still got closed without any ...
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How to deal with a question closed as duplicate when the OP marks several old questions as duplicates?

I have noticed this happening on several occasions. One example: A user posts this question which is marked as duplicate two days later The OP goes ahead and marks several related questions as ...
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Was this duplicate closure correct?

My question What are the professional standards for FBI agents? was closed as a "duplicate" of Are American FBI agents not allowed to have personal opinions? Worth noting that the questions are ...
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Flagged as duplicate when it is not

Why would this question be flagged as a duplicate when it is not? There are 3 differences: In the earlier question the weight is determined by the margin and in this system the weight is determined ...
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Why are we closing better question as a duplicate of worse question?

I'm not sure if it's a SE wide policy, or only on SFF, but I'm used to duplicate policy being that a question with superior answers (especially if question itself is superior) is NOT closed as a ...
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