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"Good faith" refers to the effort to ask an honest, answerable question, instead of trying to make a political point.

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A full and objective description of good faith?

I've noticed a number of recent trend where both moderators are deleting and I am voting to close questions and answers on grounds that they were not written in "good faith". Examples include: As a ...
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Please reword the "good faith" close reason

We recently changed the custom close reasons, and one of them reads: The primary purpose of this question appears to be to promote or discredit a specific political cause, group or politician. It ...
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32 votes
10 answers

Does claiming someone is dog-whistling go against "assuming good faith"?

I was reading this meta article and came across the idea of assuming good faith. It is mentioned in the podcast body: So I think as long as everyone is operating from a place of assuming good ...
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How do I prove my question is asked in good faith?

A couple days ago I asked this question: ‪Has Biden apologized for saying a neoconfederate organization had many fine people?‬.‪ The close reason given was “‬The primary purpose of this question ...
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Can the core of the recent question addressing attacks on Biden's mental state be saved?

Philipp recently closed a question about Joe Biden and Donald Trump's mental states: How come Joe Biden's mental state is in question while Donald Trump's is addressed with so much restraint? as "...
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