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about moving off-topic questions from one SE site to another.

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Add Law Stack Exchange to migrate menu of close votes

I propose we should have the following in Close Menu: A community-specific reason > This question belongs on another site in the Stack Exchange network > Law Stack Exchange Law and Politics are ...
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Post Beta Migration Options

Now that the site has moved out of Beta, shouldn't we be getting some custom migration targets as per; Migration Targets There's a question this morning that could use shifting according to the ...
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Can I have this migration-rejected q unlocked?

Why are some Covid-19 tests excluded in some US states? The P.SE-mod-decided migration was rejected for a good reason by the Med.SE mod. I agree with the latter that the answer to the q almost ...
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Politics/Medical Science - Unmigrate

Poor Countries response to Covid-19 has been migrated to Medical Science. The answer that has been posted so far asks for it to be brought back, and this could easily turn into some sort of ping-pong ...
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why is the only SE site to which I can recommend migration is meta.politics.SE? [duplicate]

When trying to close a question because it "belongs to another SE site", an option menu is presented. The only option on the menu is meta.politics.SE. Quite frequently questions from this site are ...
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Migrating an old question

I was looking at some old questions and ran across this one about the Boston Tea Party. It's a good question and it has a good answer, but it really belongs on History.SE rather than Politics.SE. ...
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Best Venue for Embassy-Related Question

This question was recently migrated to Politics.SE from Law. In substance, the question asks where North Koreans traveling in the United States can receive consular services. Since it is a question ...
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Adding Law and Economics as question migration targets in Closing -> Off-topic -> Migration

When trying to close an offtopic question, I see only the following option: belongs on discussion, support, and feature requests for this site From various ...
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