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Is it hypocritical to force a subject as opinion-driven as "Politics" into a Stack Exchange format?

Is it hypocritical or self-contradicting to force a subject as opinion-driven as "Politics" into a Stack Exchange format? The Stack Exchange Network is notoriously stringent about requiring ...
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Discussion about my "opinion-based" question

Yesterday I asked the question "Is Vladimir Putin surrounded by yes-men?", which was promptly closed for being primarily opinion-based. I thought this one was worth a discussion. I'm ...
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What is an Opinion-based question and how does it apply to my question?

Recently someone added a comment to a question I had posted saying that they thought my question was "opinion based" and inviting me to say if I agreed or, if not, why not (I'm assuming they ...
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Why was my question closed as opinion based?

A while ago I posted a question about the 2020 Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign's strategy of expanding the electorate: Is expanding the electorate a foolish strategy in American politics? The ...
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Why is a factual statement about Trump, backed by wikipedia articles, labeled "personal opinion" by a mod?

In this answer which was deleted I made the argument that Trump often lies and promotes conspiracy theories, which is why people who stay with him don't value veracity and science and therefore are ...
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What's the difference between 'opinion based' and speculative analysis?

This question, currently closed for being 'opinion' based, is up for a re-open vote. To my mind, 'opinion-based' means that any answer to the question must be subjective in nature. This question, ...
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How do you determine a “primarily opinion based” question

Note: for the rest of this question I will be shortening “primarily opinion based” to “POB” see also How do you tell if a question is POB or if it is asking for information from polls? Example: this ...
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Is the question opinion-based?

Just saw that my question was closed for, apparently, being opinion-based. Therefore, I wonder what makes a question an opinion and why would my fit that category. I do see this question as objective.
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Should questions that portray a clear opinion be closed as opinion-based?

This was inspired by this question. The topic as such is not necessarily opinion based and could be answered by citing scientific studies. But the author already has a clear opinion on the matter and ...
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Edit rejected. No deviation from original intent

I suggested an edit to the only answer to my question Is there any good evidence for institutional racisms in the United States?. The edit got rejected by user "JJ for transparency and Monica&...
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How does "Primarily Opinion-Based" work on this site?

I am new here and I’d like to understand how you define a POB issue on a site that focus on politics. Politics by definition is a matter of personal ideas and opinions, at least in countries where ...
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How can we tell when a question about the views of a politician is 'opinion based'?

I recently posted the question Why did Theresa May propose a free vote on fox hunting in her manifesto? and it had a mixed response. On the plus side, there was a decent answer and upvotes. On the ...
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Why is this opinion-list-making question still open?

This is the question in question, quoted for your convenience: What specifically did Hillary Clinton say or do, to seem untrustworthy to Americans? I am not from the US but I keep reading that ...
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Brace yourself, US presidential election is coming up!

US presidential election is drawing closer, and some of our users are quite emotionally invested in the event. That means we currently see a greater than usual activity of users on this website which ...
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Should we encourage questions to be rewritten in nonpartisan terms?

This question seems to have actually just been after the view of Amnesty International in the United States, but since the question implied a perceived liberal bias in the country's views on the topic ...
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Is it OK to remove nonessential opinionated material from an answer?

I recently read an answer that answered the question asked, but also included a couple paragraphs of the author's opinions on environmental policies. These, while related to the topic of the question, ...
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How to avoid opinionated debate in an advantage/disadvantage question?

I've just asked the question: What are the advantages and disadvantages of a politically appointed vs. permanent Civil Service? ... which I found very difficult to write in a way which was Not ...
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