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Undelete and reopen an "off-topic" question that has happened ~half a year later as a big political event? Germany’s condemnation of the Holodomor

This is about Have there been public political/medial events/debates over Holodomor as crime or genocide triggered by Russia's aggressions against Ukrainian land? which was asked on 2022-02-28 and was ...
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Can you reopen the question "What war crimes has Ukraine committed during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine?"

Part1. Can you reopen the question "What war crimes has Ukraine committed during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine?" Part2. Question was reopened and then edited to be shorter and then ...
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When are media sources considered propaganda and the questions citing them will be closed?

A single user with close privileges closed this question: What are the implications of the sabotage by Russian FSB of the plot to assassinate President Zelensky of Ukraine?. The stated reason in the ...
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What kind of "details" can I add and what further "clarifying" might be necessary to get one more reopen vote?

Politico's "Sinema rakes in Pharma and finance cash..." A salient issue and an exceptional pattern of donations, or just cherry picking of statistics? may be a bit atypical here. It ...
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Should I reopen the question or should some other action be taken?

Concerning the question Why does double jeopardy not apply to impeachment?, which I closed as a duplicate — The Constitution does not allow citizens to be tried for the same crime twice except for ...
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Confused by the 'reopen' process

Recently this question — Is the “Defund the police”-argument anti-police or not? — was closed. I thought the question was salvageable and voted to reopen, as did three others for a total of four: Yet ...
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Non-edits push the question into the reopen queue. What to do about it?

This question got pushed into the reopen queue with two non-edits. Hitting the Leave Closed button is not a big deal, but it is strange that the system allow such (non-)edits. Q: Non-edits push the ...
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Repeatedly closing and reopening of (highly) controversial questions

Philipp cast a cast "2x-power" close vote on a recent controversial question on Trump's tax returns, meaning there were already 3 such votes. This was a minor exercise of mod extra powers. I'm not at ...
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