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Repeatedly closing and reopening of (highly) controversial questions

Philipp cast a cast "2x-power" close vote on a recent controversial question on Trump's tax returns, meaning there were already 3 such votes. This was a minor exercise of mod extra powers. I'm not at ...
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Confused by the 'reopen' process

Recently this question — Is the “Defund the police”-argument anti-police or not? — was closed. I thought the question was salvageable and voted to reopen, as did three others for a total of four: Yet ...
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Non-edits push the question into the reopen queue. What to do about it?

This question got pushed into the reopen queue with two non-edits. Hitting the Leave Closed button is not a big deal, but it is strange that the system allow such (non-)edits. Q: Non-edits push the ...
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What kind of "details" can I add and what further "clarifying" might be necessary to get one more reopen vote?

Politico's "Sinema rakes in Pharma and finance cash..." A salient issue and an exceptional pattern of donations, or just cherry picking of statistics? may be a bit atypical here. It ...
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Should I reopen the question or should some other action be taken?

Concerning the question Why does double jeopardy not apply to impeachment?, which I closed as a duplicate — The Constitution does not allow citizens to be tried for the same crime twice except for ...
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When are media sources considered propaganda and the questions citing them will be closed?

A single user with close privileges closed this question: What are the implications of the sabotage by Russian FSB of the plot to assassinate President Zelensky of Ukraine?. The stated reason in the ...
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Can you reopen the question "What war crimes has Ukraine committed during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine?"

Ok I removed the thing people made a big deal of. In my opinion there's nothing wrong with what I asked. It's like if there were some article or some passage in a textbook. What do I misunderstand? ...
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