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Why did I lose 314 points from 7 users who got removed?

Why did I lose 314 points from 7 users who got removed today? I just lost 314 points from 7 users who got removed. I think it would be nice to have some transparency and know why sometimes a lot of ...
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Will a suspended user get my 100 point bounty?

A user was sadly suspended, and during the dark times of their suspension I awarded them my hard-earned 100 points in the form of a bounty. Their rep did not change when I awarded the bounty, for ...
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Are downvotes being counted the same as upvotes in the Reputation summary?

My home page for politics.SE shows "+4" votes for this question: But in fact, there was 1 upvote and 3 downvotes: I successfully(!?) have negative values for other questions though. So is ...
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Aren't controversial posts too rewarding?

While the reputation system is really helpful creating an automatic moderation and hierarchy, it also often appeals very rewarding to the human brain to see those numbers going up and gaining more ...
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Should we use +5 instead of +10 if this becomes possible in the future?

Stack Exchange has decided to raise question upvote from +5 to +10 and applied it to all communities, including the private ones. I image that this one implemented like this because it was much ...
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How to deal with tiny edits intending to raise a question's visibility for the purposes of extra rep?

A user just applied an edit that was completely trivial (arguably harmful infact) specifically for the purposes of increasing the visibility of the (now quite old) question for extra rep. They ...
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How does this user's rep history make sense?

I just looked at the reputation history of this user. It does say that the user is not registered. But I still don't understand how this pattern of reputation changes can happen. Please, take a ...
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How does 42 add up to -3?

I gave a seemingly simple straight-forward answer and got +44 points and -2 points for it. Yet the answer has rested at -3. How is that possible? How does the math work to generate more positive ...
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