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Notice: Macroeconomics is officially in scope

Having spoken with the awesome Jon Ericson, I can officially state that the proposal to put questions of macroeconomics in scope is the consensus among the Community Managers. To wit: I talked ...
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Can we stop it with the "are there conspiracy theories about X" questions?

Are there conspiracy theories about Pakistan? [It's (not?) coup'd by USA regularly.] Are there conspiracy theories about India? [It's (not?) an ethnostate.] Are there conspiracy theories about Russia? ...
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Are overly specific questions on-topic here?

For example, I have queries regarding a specific US Senate special election in Alabama in the 1930s? Specifically, I hope to get more information on the candidates and their vote shares. Can I check ...
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Are requests for off-site resources on-topic here?

I flagged this question as off-topic: New Jersey budget plan with the reason: This question does not appear to be about governments, policies and political processes within the scope defined in the ...
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On the question "What is the success rate for non-violent revolutions" and why I consider it is not too broad or open

The question has been closed by Robert Cartaino. Quoting his comment: This is a very broad, open question that isn't likely to be very quantifiable. As ...
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How to word "advantage/disadvantage" or "arguments for/against" questions?

There seems to be some disagreement about whether "What are the advantages and disadvantages of X?" questions are on-topic for this site, with, on the one hand, a number of questions being close-voted ...
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Can we add a tag for Universal Basic Income?

I'm seeing more and more questions relating to the UBI on here, including one from myself, and there is not yet a tag for it as a topic. I think it would prevent inaccurate tags to allow people a ...
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How can I improve this question about police reform?

I asked a question that I was advised to narrow down, and after initially found the suggestion frustrating since it's a question that's difficult to ask in a narrow, succinct way. It's a big topic, ...
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Should the majority of Afghanistan questions be flagged or reviewed before inclusion?

A significant portion of the questions relating to Afghanistan have a tenuous link to political discussion. Most are questions about warfare, counter-insurgency, military tactics or strategy. Very ...
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Clarifying topicality of a question about state media contents

After a question was closed I had a feeling I was not good in explaining its relevance to this Q&A site, but I might be wrong. So my actual question was why open source/open tech activities ...
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