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Why are answers that basically say "right wing illogical bad, left wing rational good" allowed to exist?

I just flagged an answer that literally just said pretty much "The reason for X is because Left is rational and right is irrational", using a lot of randomly picked statements (can't even ...
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Why my accepted answer got deleted for alleged "apologizing antisemitism"?

I understand why my answer could be generally disliked, as I accuse identitarian left that if one reused their own claims, just replacing "white", with "Jew", one would be considered as blatantly anti-...
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What happened to the accepted answer at Why is a border wall such a polarising issue in American politics?

What happened to the accepted answer at Why is a border wall such a polarising issue in American politics?
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What should we do with this answer to "Why did people still chant Lock her up at Trump rallies in 2019"?

What should we do with this answer to the question "Why did people still chant "Lock her up" at Trump rallies in 2019?"? Timeline so far: A user flagged it as "rude or offensive" I agreed ...
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Why was my accepted answer deleted?

My answer to this question about whaling was deleted by three users. At that moment, it had 27 upvotes, 36 downvotes, and was the accepted answer. It's unclear to me why this answer was deleted. As ...
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Why was this answer deleted as "pro-Russian propaganda"?

The following answer to this question was deleted by moderators as "pro-Russian propaganda". Following the SE guidelines, I post it here for discussion, before appealing the moderators' ...
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Does this answer contain a "subtle put down"?

If someone says (in other words) that "a lot of people think of your type as scum" would it constitute Unacceptable Behavior (subtle put down) as per help center page "code of conduct&...
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Consider undeleting answer to UK ability to intervene on LGBT rights in chechenya [duplicate]

As I was running through our highest rated unanswered questions, I stumbled across this one What can the UK government do to help resolve the persecution of the LGBT community in Chechnya? Which ...
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Why was my answer to the question "Why is China interested in supporting the Taliban?" deleted?

My answer, which basically said that China is interested in welcoming Afghanistan, which is now governed by the Taliban, into the community of nations after the debacle of twenty year long US ...
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Conspiracy theory and disinformation in answer

This answer contains the following conspiracy theory: Second, I highly doubt Israel trusts the UN given the UN's constant bias against Israel The user has provided no evidence that UN (as a whole) ...
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Answer was improperly deleted; Neither rude nor spam

This answer was improperly deleted, with the stated reason: "spam or rude or abusive": It is neither rude nor spam. I can't undelete it ...
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What was deemed "rude or abusive" at user rs.29's answer that has been deleted by moderator at What are the main arguments made for White Nationalism?

What specific language was deemed "rude or abusive" (the answer has the following label attached by moderator) This answer was marked as spam or rude or abusive and is therefore not shown - you ...
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Answer improperly deleted; Neither Rude nor Spam; No way to undelete

This question was improperly deleted. It is neither rude nor is it spam. It even has a reference. When I try to undelete it, it says A moderator ...
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Why was my answer to Slavery in the Sudan deleted due to 'plaigarism'?

My answer to this question on slavery in the Sudan was deleted due to an allegation of 'plagiarism' by a moderator. This is a serious allegation. However, if one looks under the main post, I clearly ...
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