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Repeatedly closing and reopening of (highly) controversial questions

Philipp cast a cast "2x-power" close vote on a recent controversial question on Trump's tax returns, meaning there were already 3 such votes. This was a minor exercise of mod extra powers. I'm not at ...
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Is it OK to vote to close and answer a question at the same time?

Currently, this question has something peculiar: a user has voted to close it and also provided (a good) answer. I have seen this a few times, but cannot find another example. It seems quite strange ...
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Should questions that portray a clear opinion be closed as opinion-based?

This was inspired by this question. The topic as such is not necessarily opinion based and could be answered by citing scientific studies. But the author already has a clear opinion on the matter and ...
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Abuse of privileges to close or review questions

The reason The primary purpose of this question appears to be to promote or discredit a specific political cause, group or politician. It does not appear to be a good-faith effort to learn more about ...
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Does serial close voting by tag matter?

During my review of close votes I have noticed that there is a significant fraction of questions tagged israel (example 1, example 2). All these questions seemed fine for me and for the community as ...
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Should we allow link-only questions?

In Is there any validity to the Claim that Hillary Clinton got bribed by India?, the question is of this form: Link Headline claim. Questions saying essentially please go to this article and tell ...
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How can we tell when a question about the views of a politician is 'opinion based'?

I recently posted the question Why did Theresa May propose a free vote on fox hunting in her manifesto? and it had a mixed response. On the plus side, there was a decent answer and upvotes. On the ...
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3 votes
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Should moderators on the politics stackexchange be allowed to mark questions as "off topic"?

Politics is easily one of the most hostile topics to engage in. Also arguably one of the most important topics that we should engage in. Is it conducive or constructive for moderators to act on their ...
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Should I be shy about making significant edits to improve a question? [duplicate]

If someone posts a very biased question that is likely to be quickly closed but I can see a way to heavily change the question to be objective (while preserving some of the intent) should I do so?
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Hiding the usernames of persons who have voted to close a question. New Practice?

I recently had a question closed here and noticed that the usernames of those voting to close was not displayed. Is this (not displaying the usernames) a relatively new practice? It has occurred to ...
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Apparent close votes discrepancy

I have encountered the following discrepancy related to a closed question: Question was normally closed by 5 regular users (not hammered by a moderator). However, review history reveals only 2 votes. ...
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How to deal with a question closed as duplicate when the OP marks several old questions as duplicates?

I have noticed this happening on several occasions. One example: A user posts this question which is marked as duplicate two days later The OP goes ahead and marks several related questions as ...
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Should lack of "good-faith effort to learn (..)" be linked to a clear part of the question?

I have stumbled across this question which received 3 close votes from which 2 are "The primary purpose of this question appears to be to promote or discredit a specific political cause, group or ...
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Strange non-correlation between close/reopen votes and up/downvotes

This question was closed as offtopic, but received no downvotes. On the other hand, this one received no upvotes, but 4 reopen votes. Should not be a correlation between downvotes and close votes? ...
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Should moderators single-handedly close questions based on their personal/subjective opinion?

Should moderators single-handedly close questions based on their personal/subjective opinion? Some moderators on this site practice closing questions that they judge to be off-topic without waiting ...
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