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A good example of biased voting

I often have my questions or answers related to Israel-Palestine heavily downvoted since the Hamas attack in October. Some of them disappear into oblivion, as per SE rules. In some cases it could be ...
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1 answer

Who can upvote a question after it was closed?

I asked a question that got closed (well, tough). A couple hours later I received an upvote on it. How is that possible? I may never have tried — can one upvote a closed question?
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2 answers

please, stop assuming that you can NEVER prove a negative

It's always possible to answer a closed-ended question in the negative. An obvious example would be "are you the Queen of England?" You can answer it in the negative unless you, of course... you get ...
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1 answer

Are clever-sounding yet otherwise unproductive/unhelpful negative first comments directly under your questions a problem? Should we avoid them?

From time to time I see first comments under new questions that rather than suggest improvements or ask for clarification, feel to me to be more idle chit-chat with the effect of directing attention ...
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Help understanding the down voting on these two questions and the (hopefully temporary) closing of one

Have retired top US military officials become substantially more outspoken and cited on political issues in the last decade? sits at -4/+0. Somebody edited it, removing a key bit of the question then ...
83 votes
9 answers

Be more responsible with your votes

I was browsing the flags queue today when I came across the following answer to the following question: That answer is nothing more than a sarcastic ...
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1 answer

Who is serial downvoting me on my Politics.SE birthday?

Someone (or two someones?) just downvoted all my Politics.SE answers around the same time as I earned the Yearling badge. Does the system do this or is this someone pursuing a vendetta against me? And ...
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1 answer

Someone is stalking my profile, how do I report it? [duplicate]

Someone is stalking my profile and serial upvoting my old posts. How do I report it?
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1 answer

What's the question with the most downvotes here that nevertheless was not closed (nor deleted)?

When asking this meta-question, I'm motivated by the recent "Is Donald Trump a fascist?" (currently +17 / -14) and also by "Why is the US so politically right-wing?" (+9 / -7 right now). But the first ...
2 votes
3 answers

Should we use +5 instead of +10 if this becomes possible in the future?

Stack Exchange has decided to raise question upvote from +5 to +10 and applied it to all communities, including the private ones. I image that this one implemented like this because it was much ...
50 votes
2 answers

Please stop it with the serial downvoting

We recently received several reports about serial downvoting. Please stop it! It is harmful to the site as a whole. The voting score of a post should indicate the usefulness of the post, not the ...
35 votes
2 answers

Help! I am being oppressed! Why do people keep downvoting my opinions?

I came to this website, just wanting to exercise my freedom of speech rights and tell everyone my opinion about [issue]. But people keep downvoting my questions and answers. Is this website ...
4 votes
2 answers

How conservative are the upvotes (and downvotes) for posts on Politics.SE?

How conservative do upvotes (and downvotes) for posts tend to swing on Politics.SE? Are the upvotes (and downvotes, hereafter implied instead of repeating these parentheticals) here generally ...
-7 votes
4 answers

Experimenting with depoliticizing politics

This site is probably in the most unique position to examine how belligerent people get when discussing topics on which there is much more room to disagree than there is room to agree. People's ...
-2 votes
1 answer

Strange non-correlation between close/reopen votes and up/downvotes

This question was closed as offtopic, but received no downvotes. On the other hand, this one received no upvotes, but 4 reopen votes. Should not be a correlation between downvotes and close votes? ...
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2 answers

Why do I get ten points for an upvoted answer rather than 5?

Forgive me because I'm still unclear on how things work on SE, and this is a point that I may just be confused about. But it seems that when a question or answer gets an upvote on Politics.SE, I get a ...
5 votes
2 answers

How can I track the posts I downvoted, that have been edited afterwards?

This question, to some extent, is applicable to all SE sites, but I believe that Politics.SE may need addressing this more than the other sites of SE family, due to the very nature of the topics we ...
2 votes
1 answer

Are voting system and voting theory on topic?

There is a new proposal in area 51 about voting systems. Are questions on voting systems and voting theory welcome here? Under what conditions?
2 votes
3 answers

How should we handle mischaracterization of other user's answers?

I am just using this as an example, I am not requesting any action be taken against any user of any kind. This just brings up an important question of how to handle possible misrepresentations of ...
12 votes
2 answers

How should we deal with unsupported claims in answers that state a "fact" about opposing views?

One of the things that greatly irks me in political discussions (including answers on Politics.SE) is the habit of people to state something like: "X side of political spectrum is for Y, and the ...
8 votes
4 answers

Are people voting along political lines?

Are we voting by political preference, rather than by quality of answer, as warned for in this area51 post? That includes myself. I find that there are many controversial posts, with many up- and ...