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8 votes

Meaningless profile texts

The autobiographer badge is given purely for changing the profile text. It makes no attempt to measure the quality of the text nor to assert that it, in any way, describes the user. You can in ...
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8 votes

Socratic achievement bug

From What are the badges I can earn on each site, and what are the exact criteria for earning each badge? on In order to qualify for any of these badges, you must have a "positive ...
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6 votes

Did you notice they've fixed the Generalist Badge?

Per the exact criteria for earning the badge on the global meta, the Generalist badge is only awarded to anyone once each of the top 40 tags is in use on at least 200 questions. This site didn't cross ...
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Do comment flags contribute to the deputy badge on Politics?

Received the Badge as @SamIam rightly pointed out in the comments. So, yes helpful comment flags on Beta sites contribute to the Deputy badge in the same way they do on fully fledged ones, but over a ...
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