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Is this specific instance an instance of bounty abuse? Probably speculative. Should the application of a bounty prevent a question garnering close votes? I see no reason whatever that that should be the case. Whether or not this is a case of abuse, it's a silly protection that ought to be removed.


It's hard to say. The user has enough rep to know that's how bounties work (or they could have been informed by a like-minded person). The problem is there's no way to prove what their motives are. A better argument here would be that the bounty was improperly added to a contentious question the community was actively trying to close. Moderators can retract ...


"Abuse" is a pretty heavy word for what we see here. A high-rep user prevents a potential closing of their question by adding a bounty to it. That is status-by-design. An active bounty prevents any more closure votes. That is problematic in a couple of ways, one is against equal opportunity: Only high-rep users can use this loophole. But this is ...

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